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Nuclear law - Nuclear safety
by Pontier, Jean-Marie; Roux, Emmanuel; Leger, Marc; Deguergue, Maryse; Vallar, Christian; Pissaloux, Jean-Luc; Bernie-Boissard, Catherine; Thireau, Veronique; Takahashi, Nobuyuki; Spencer, Mary; Zhang, Li; Park, Kyun Sung; Artus, J.C.
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Lessons Learned and Regulatory Countermeasures of Nuclear Safety Issues Last Year
by Lee, Y. E. (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of))
fromProceedings of the KNS 2013 spring meeting
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U. S. Department of energy actions to ensure nuclear safety at its nuclear facilities in response to lessons being learned from the Fukushima dacha accident
by Chung, Dae; O'Brien, James (U. S. Department of Energy, Washington (United States))
fromProceedings of the 18th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference
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Relationship between Nuclear Security Culture and Nuclear Safety Culture and Their Role in Safe Operation of Nuclear Power Facilities
by Klos, N. (Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, 30 Khreshchatyc str., Kyiv (Ukraine))
fromInternational Conference on Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts. Proceedings of the Interational Conference
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The international regime for nuclear safety after Fukushima
by Raetzke, Christian (CONLAR Consulting on Nuclear Law and Regulation, Leipzig (Germany))
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Synergy in the areas of NPP nuclear safety and nuclear security
by Dybach, A.M.; Kuzmyak, I.Ya.; Kukhotskij, A.V. (GP Gosudarstvennyj Nauchno-Tekhnicheskij Tsentr po Yadernoj i Radiatsionnoj Bezopasnosti, Kyiv(Ukraine))
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Initiatives of Japanese nuclear industry to improve nuclear safety after the Fukushima Daiichi accident
by Kugo, Akihide (Japan Nuclear Safety Institute, Human Resource Development Division, Tokyo (Japan)), E-mail:
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Standardized System of Nuclear Safety Information for the Promotion of Transparency and Openness
by Lee, Gihyung; Kim, Sanghyun; Lee, Gyehwi; Yoon, Yeonhwa; Song, Song Hyerim; Jeong, Jina (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)); Byun, Jaehyung; Seo, Jonghwan (Dong-A Univ., Busan (Korea, Republic of))
fromProceedings of the KNS 2013 spring meeting
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