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Food and environmental protection newsletter. Vol. 9, No. 2, July 2006
382 KB -
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Synthesis of N-Substituted Derivatives of N-(4-(N- (5-Chloro-2 methoxyphenyl)sulfamoyl)phenyl)acetamide with potential antiurease activity
by Rehman, A.U.; Ayoub, M.; Abbasi, M.A.; Gul, S. (Government College Univ., Lahore (Pakistan). Dept. of Chemistry); Ashraf, M. (The Islamia Univ. of Bahawalpur (Pakistan). Dept. of Biochemistry)
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Imaging and Targeted Therapy of Multidrug Resistance. Final Report
by Piwnica-Worms, David; Washington University Medical School (United States). Funding organisation: USDOE Office of Science (United States); USDOE Office of Energy Research (United States)
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Influence of gamma irradiation on phenolic compounds of minimally processed baby carrots
264 KB - - Text Version
by Hirashima, Fabiana K.; Fabbri, Adriana D.T.; Sagretti, Juliana M.A.; Nunes, Thaise C.F.; Sabato, Suzy F. (Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)); Galvao, Natascha S.; Lanfer-Marquez, Ursula M. (Universidade de Sao Paulo (FCF/USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Ciencias Farmaceuticas), E-mail:, E-mail:; Associacao Brasileira de Energia Nuclear (ABEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)
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Effect of Nigella sativa or Curcumin on Daily Body Weight Gain, Feed Intake and some Physiological Functions in Growing Zaraibi Goats during Hot Summer Season
472 KB - - Text Version
by Habeeb, A.A.M.; El Tarabany, A.A. (Biological Applications Department, Radioisotopes Applications Division, Nuclear Research Centre, Atomic Energy Authority, P.No. 13759, Inshas, (Egypt)), E-mail:
fromProceeding of The Third International on Radiation Sciences and Applications
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Control of some important soil-borne fungi by chitin associated with chilli (capsicum annuum l.) in lower sindh, pakistan
by Hussain, F.; Abid, M.; Farzana, A.; Akbar, M. (Federal Urdu Univ. of Arts Science and Technology, Karachi (Pakistan). Dept. of Botany); Shaukat, S.S. (University of Karachi (Pakistan). Dept. of Environmental Sciences)
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Formation of sulphite, cysteic acid and taurine from sulphate by the egg embryo
845 KB - - Text Version
by Chapeville, F.; Fromageot, P. (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires); CEA Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France)
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Studies on the interactions of chloroquine diphosphate and phenelzine sulfate drugs with human serum albumin and human hemoglobin proteins by spectroscopic techniques
by Tunç, Sibel; Duman, Osman; Bozoğlan, Bahar Kancı, E-mail:, E-mail:
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Comparative study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coral tissues and the ambient sediments from Kenting National Park, Taiwan
by Ko, Fung-Chi (Institute of Marine Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, National Dong Hwa University, 2 Houwan Road, Checheng, Pingtung 944, Taiwan, ROC (China); National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung, Taiwan, ROC (China)); Chang, Chiung-Wen (Institute of Marine Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, National Dong Hwa University, 2 Houwan Road, Checheng, Pingtung 944, Taiwan, ROC (China)); Cheng, Jing-O. (National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung, Taiwan, ROC (China)), E-mail:
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Establishment of a protocol for determining gastrointestinal transit time in mice using barium and radiopaque markers
by Myagmarjaibuu, Bilomaa; Moon, Myeong Ju; Heo, Suk Hee; Jeong, Seo In; Jeong, Yong Yeon; Kang, Heoung Keun (Dept. of Radiology, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital, Chonnam National University Medical School, Hwasun (Korea, Republic of)); Park, Jong Seong (Dept. of Physiology, Chonnam National University Medical School, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of)); Jun, Jae Yeoul (Dept. of Physiology, College of Medicine, Chosun University, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of))
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