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Effect of fast electrons on the reproductive biology of the grain mite Acarus siro (Acari: Acaridae)
by Szlendak, E. (Agricultural Univ. of Warsaw (Poland)); Boczek, J.; Bruce, W.
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Synthesis of N-Substituted Derivatives of N-(4-(N- (5-Chloro-2 methoxyphenyl)sulfamoyl)phenyl)acetamide with potential antiurease activity
by Rehman, A.U.; Ayoub, M.; Abbasi, M.A.; Gul, S. (Government College Univ., Lahore (Pakistan). Dept. of Chemistry); Ashraf, M. (The Islamia Univ. of Bahawalpur (Pakistan). Dept. of Biochemistry)
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Nuclear energy I, Non-energetic applications
1 MB - - Text Version
by Lartigue G, J.; Navarrete T, M.; Cabrera M, L.; Arandia, P.A.; Arriola S, H. (Facultad de Quimica, 04510 Mexico D.F. (Mexico))
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Quality control in the commerce of irradiated foods
182 KB - - Text Version
by Bustos R, M.E. (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, A.P. 18-1027, 11801 Mexico D.F. (Mexico)); Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, Toluca (Mexico); Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia, CONACyT, Mexico D.F. (Mexico)
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Insect and pest control newsletter. No. 57
1 MB - - Text Version
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Improvement of quinoa and barley through induced mutations and biotechnology
51 KB - - Text Version
by Siles, A.Z.; Miranda, L.S. (Universidad Tecnica de Oruro, Oruro (Bolivia))
fromInduced mutations in connection with biotechnology for crop improvement in Latin America. Proceedings of a final research co-ordination meeting
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Investigating leaks in dams and reservoirs
486 KB - - Text Version
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Toward the development of an efficient transposon marker system for soil bacteria based on the gusA gene
2 MB - - Text Version
by Corbo, Joseph C.; Soil Science Unit, Joint FAO/IAEA Programme, IAEA Seibersdorf (Austria)
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Control of some important soil-borne fungi by chitin associated with chilli (capsicum annuum l.) in lower sindh, pakistan
by Hussain, F.; Abid, M.; Farzana, A.; Akbar, M. (Federal Urdu Univ. of Arts Science and Technology, Karachi (Pakistan). Dept. of Botany); Shaukat, S.S. (University of Karachi (Pakistan). Dept. of Environmental Sciences)
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