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Development of data processing system for regional geophysical and geochemical exploration of sandstone-hosted uranium deposits based on ArcGIS Engine
by Han Shaoyang (China Institute of Nuclear Information and Economics, Beijing (China); Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China)); Ke Dan (Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China)); Hou Huiqun (China Institute of Nuclear Information and Economics, Beijing (China)); Hu Shuiqing (Petro China Exploration and Development Research Institute, Beijing (China))
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GIS and Cartography: An Introduction Overview
3 MB - - Text Version
by Dominguez, J.; Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas Medioambientales y Tecnologicas (CIEMAT), Madrid (Spain)
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The Members of the Agency List of 30 November 1960
26 KB - - Text Version
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Introductory guide to searching in the INIS Collection online
by Adamek, Petr (Prague (Czech Republic)), E-mail:
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Public acceptance of nuclear energy in France: Some updated remarks
by Beutier, Didier; Guais, Jean Claude (NUSYS, Paris (France))
fromProceedings of the 10th KAIF/KNS Annual Conference
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Nuclear data evaluation at intermediate energies: An introduction
437 KB - - Text Version
by Koning, A.J. (NRG Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group, Petten (Netherlands)), E-mail:
fromNuclear reaction data and nuclear reactors
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The Provisional Staff Regulations of the Agency. An Amendment to Annex II
32 KB - - Text Version
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The convenience of applying the ICRP criteria to non-ionizing radiations
726 KB - - Text Version
by Touzet, R.E.; Ferrari, J. (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Defensoria del Pueblo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)
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The IAEA Focuses On Global Nutritional Needs
by Amano, Yukiya (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria))
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