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Radiation processing of natural rubber and its applications
by Dahlan Hj. Mohd (Radiation Processing Technology Division, Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Bangi, Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan (MY)), E-mail:
fromProceedings of the FNCA 2006 workshop on application of electron accelerator. Radiation processing of natural polymer
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Cystine Labeled With 15N
by Luo Yong; Tang Caide; Li Meihua; Song Jialong; Lu Pingye; Du Xiaoning (Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Stable Isotope, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Shanghai (China))
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Short-lived oxidation products derived from enkephalins
201 KB - - Text Version
by Kciuk, G.; Mirkowski, J.; Bobrowski, K. (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw (Poland))
fromAnnual Report of Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology 2001
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Impregnated Fibrous Materials. Report of a Study Group on Impregnated Fibrous Materials
16 MB - - Text Version
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Characterization of groundwater composition in Punjab state with special emphasis on uranium content, speciation and mobility
by Kumar, Ajay; Rout, Sabyasachi; Mishra, Manish K.; Ravi, P.M. (Bhabha Atomic Reseach Centre, Mumbai (India). Health Physics Div.); Tripathi, R.M. (Bhabha Atomic Reseach Centre, Mumbai (India). Environmental Assessment Div.); Ghosh, A.K. (Bhabha Atomic Reseach Centre, Mumbai (India). Health, Safety and Environmental Group)
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Temperature influence on the kinetics of radiation-catalytic decomposition of water with the presence of phosphorus stainless steel
212 KB -
by Agayev, T.N.; Garibov, A.A.; Hasemi, M.Y.; Kahramani, M.R. (Institute of Radiation Problems, Baku (Azerbaijan))
fromAbstracts of international conference on nuclear science and its application
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The status of Tc-99m supplying and the possibility of routine production of PZC-based Tc-99m generator in China
by Liu Yishu (Nuclear Power Institute of China, Chengdu Gaotong Isotope Co., Ltd., Chengdu (China)), E-mail:
fromProceedings of the FNCA 2006 workshop on the utilization of research reactors (Contract research)
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On the solvation of actinide ions
by Hagberg, D. (Department of Physical Chemistry Sciences II University of Geneva 30, Quai Ernest Ansermet CH-1211 Geneva (Switzerland)); Universite Louis Pasteur, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg, UMR 7177 CNRS, Institut Le Bel, 67 - Strasbourg (France)
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Evidence of Production of Neutral Cl35 Atoms by the Cl35 (n, p)S35 Process in Alkali Metal Chlorides
20 MB -
by Milham, R.C.; Adams, A.; Willard, J.E. (Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (United States))
fromChemical Effects of Nuclear Transformations. Vol. II. Proceedings of the Symposium on Chemical Effects Associated with Nuclear Reactions and Radioactive Transformations
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