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High-Temperature Co-electrolysis of Carbon Dioxide and Steam for the Production of Syngas; Equilibrium Model and Single-Cell Tests
by J. E. O'Brien; C. M. Stoots; G. L. Hawkes; J. S. Herring; J. J. Hartvigsen; Idaho National Laboratory (United States). Funding organisation: US Department of Energy (United States)
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The Monoliths
by Hernandez S, G.; Montes de C, C.
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Final technical report. Bimetallic complexes as methanol oxidation catalysts; FINAL
by McElwee-White, Lisa; University of Florida, Department of Chemistry, Gainesville, FL (United States). Funding organisation: US Department of Energy (United States)
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High-fidelity simulations for clean and efficient combustion of alternative fuels
by Chen, J H; Yoo, C S; Sankaran, R; Oefelein, J C (Reacting Flows Research Department, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA 94550 (United States)), E-mail:
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Biofuels. Environment and Energy Aspects and Future Prospects
by Chiaramonti, D.; Grassi, G. (European Biomass Industry Association, Brussels (Belgium)); Tondi, G. (Energia Trasporti Agricoltura, Florence (Italy)); Martelli, F. (Florence Univ., Florence (Italy). Dipt. di Energetica Sergio Stecco)
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Possible use of Fe/CO2 fuel cells for CO2 mitigation plus H2 and electricity production
by Rau, Greg H., E-mail:
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Integration Workshop on Alternative Fuels in the EU Energy System, Petten, 22-23 November 2004. Summary Report
by Tzimas, E.; Peteves, S.D. (eds.); Institute for Energy IE, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre DG JRC, European Commission EC, Petten (Netherlands)
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Biodiesel/Petrodiesel blends: analytical determination of biodiesel percentage
by Lunghi, A.; Pasturenzi, C.; Cardillo, P. (Stazione sperimentale per i combustibili, San Donato Milanese, Milan (Italy))
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Industrial tests on biogas production processes from fermentation of waste materials from the milk and sugar industries
34 KB - - Text Version
by Wojciechowski, P.; Chmielewski, A.G.; Palige, J. (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw (Poland)); Szewczyk, K. (Department of Chemical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)); Usidus, J. (EkoPol, Szewnia Dolna (Poland))
fromAnnual Report 2008
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