English Apr 2010 p. 249-252 Germany Michal, Rick Blake, E. Michael Bibliographic information available from INIS: http://inis.iaea.org/search/search.aspx?orig_q=RN:41067902 1431-5254 v. 55(4) SPECIFIC NUCLEAR REACTORS AND ASSOCIATED PLANTS design heat transfer international cooperation liquid metals public relations travelling waves water cooled reactors water moderated reactors cooperation elements energy transfer fluids liquids metals reactors The traveling-wave reactor, in concept, would use depleted uranium to produce vast amounts of energy without the need for enrichment plants and reprocessing facilities, which is why billionaire Bill Gates is interested in developing it. TerraPower LLC has been launched by the company Intellectual Ventures to design a traveling-wave nuclear reactor that could run for 100 years without refueling or removing spent fuel. So convincing is the science behind the concept that billionaire Bill Gates has gotten involved to help finance the project. Led by John Gilleland, TerraPower's chief executive officer, a team of researchers has run computer simulations and is doing engineering studies that have produced evidence that a wave of fission moving slowly through a fuel core could generate a billion watts of electricity continuously without refueling. Gilleland noted that these new reactors could reduce the amount of nuclear waste by using existing stockpiles of depleted uranium as fuel. ''By extracting centuries' worth of energy from waste at enrichment plants, these reactors would turn a social and financial liability into an asset,'' he said. Gilleland, a member of the American Nuclear Society, talked about the traveling-wave reactor with Nuclear News editors Rick Michal and E. Michael Blake. (orig.) Germany INIS