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The International Nuclear Information System (INIS) is the world´s leading information system on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. INIS is a decentralized information system operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria in collaboration with its Member States and cooperating international organizations. INIS maintains a database of over 3.3 million bibliographic references of scientific literature published world-wide on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It also maintains a collection of full-text documents difficult to obtain elsewhere.

INIS Subject Scope

The INIS Collection covers all aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology such as nuclear reactors, reactor safety, nuclear fusion, applications of radiation and radioisotopes in medicine, agriculture, industry and pest control, as well as related fields of nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics and materials science. Special emphasis is placed on the environmental, economic and health effects of nuclear energy. Legal and social aspects associated with nuclear energy are also covered.

Integration with the INIS Multilingual Thesaurus

Over the years, INIS has created its own INIS Thesaurus and continues to extend it on a regular basis. Users of the INIS Collection can make use of this Thesaurus when conducting searches.

For details, see INIS Multilingual Thesaurus Integration.

Access to the INIS Collection

INIS Collection, INIS bibliographic database and the full text documents, is available on the Internet free of charge and can be accessed from the INIS website, or directly via:

Searching INIS Collection

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INIS supports information retrieval through two basic search modes: Standard Search and Advanced Search.

INIS Collection Quick Search Manual in Japanese

Help with searching INIS Collection is also available in Japanese language. PDF and PowerPoint versions of help files are available here.