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Strengthening the Global Nuclear Safety Regime. INSAG-21. A report by the International Nuclear Safety Group
by International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria)
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Framework of nuclear safety and safety assessment
by Furuta, Kazuo (Tokyo University, School of Engineering, Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, Tokyo (Japan))
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The improvement of 'Ukryttya' object and new safety confinement nuclear safety control reliability
by Dovyd'kov, A.I.; Dovyd'kov, S.A.; Krasnov, V.A.; Shcherbin, V.N. (Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants, Kyiv (Ukraine))
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Nuclear safety assessment of nuclear power plants and nuclear risk in Eastern Europe and other regions. Scientific-technical cooperation with nuclear regulatory authorities and technical support organizations (TSOs)
by Wolff, Holger; Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH (GRS), Koeln (Germany). Funding organisation: Bundesministerium fuer Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BMUB), Berlin (Germany)
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Industrial Personal Computer based Display for Nuclear Safety System
by Kim, Ji Hyeon; Kim, Aram; Jo, Jung Hee; Kim, Ki Beom; Cheon, Sung Hyun; Cho, Joo Hyun; Sohn, Se Do; Baek, Seung Min (KEPCO, Youngin (Korea, Republic of))
fromProceedings of the ISOFIC/ISSNP 2014
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Computer security at ukrainian nuclear facilities: interface between nuclear safety and security
by Chumak, D.; Klevtsov, O. (State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Kyiv (Ukraine))
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RBMK nuclear power plants: Generic safety issues. A publication of the extrabudgetary programme on the safety of WWER and RBMK nuclear power plants
4 MB - - Text Version
by International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria)
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