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Code on the safety of nuclear power plants: Governmental organization
2 MB - - Text Version
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Impregnated Fibrous Materials. Report of a Study Group on Impregnated Fibrous Materials
16 MB - - Text Version
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Evaluating the reliability of predictions made using environmental transfer models
4 MB - - Text Version
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Planning for the Handling of Radiation Accidents
3 MB - - Text Version
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A low-level laboratory for alpha and gamma counting of environmental samples
522 KB - - Text Version
by Schell, W.R.; Vick, C.E.; Wurtz, E.A. (Washington Univ., Seattle (USA). Lab. of Radiation Ecology)
fromMethods of low-level counting and spectrometry
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Preparedness of public authorities for emergencies at nuclear power plants
2 MB - - Text Version
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An experimental study of the heterogeneous LMFBR core using FCA assemblies with axial internal blanket
11 MB - - Text Version
by Nakano, M.; Iijima, S.; Shirakata, K.; Hirota, J. (Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki. Tokai Research Establishment)
fromFast reactor physics 1979
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