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Quantum limits of interferometer topologies for gravitational radiation detection
by Miao, Haixing; Yang, Huan; X Adhikari, Rana; Chen, Yanbei (Division of Physics, Math, and Astronomy, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States)), E-mail:
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The numerical multidimensional approximation for the fast solving of equations describing charged particle motion in inhomogeneous magnetic fields
793 KB - - Text Version
by Akishin, P.G.; Laboratory of Information Technologies, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Russian Federation)
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Hydrogen Balmer series measurements and determination of Rydberg's constant using two different spectrometers
by Amrani, D (Physics Laboratory, Service des Enseignements Généraux, École de Technologie Supérieure, University of Quebec, 1111, Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal (QC) H3C 1K3 (Canada)), E-mail:
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Bethe ansatz equations for the classical An(1) affine Toda field theories
by Adamopoulou, Panagiota; Dunning, Clare (SMSAS, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NF (United Kingdom)), E-mail:, E-mail:
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Nanoscale temperature sensing using single defects in diamond
86 KB - - Text Version
by Philipp Neumann (Stuttgart Universitaet (Germany))
fromArtificial Atoms: from Quantum Physics to Applications
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Characterization and optimization of an X-ray laser for the spectroscopy of Li-like heavy-ions
6 MB - - Text Version
by Zielbauer, B.; Mainz Univ. (Germany). FB. 08: Physik, Mathematik und Informatik
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Time-reversal symmetry breaking in quantum billiards
by Schaefer, Florian; Technische Univ. Darmstadt (Germany). Fachbereich Physik
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Molecular dynamics for fermions
by Feldmeier, H. (Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenforschung mbH, Darmstadt (Germany)); Schnack, J. (Osnabrueck Univ. (Germany). Fachbereich Physik); Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenforschung mbH, Darmstadt (Germany)
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Time evolution of plasma potential in pulsed operation of ECRIS
by Tarvainen, O.; Koivisto, H.; Ropponen, T.; Toivanen, V. (University of Jyvaskyla (Finland)); Higurashi, Y.; Nakagawa, T. (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research - RIKEN (Japan))
fromECRIS 2010 - Proceedings and Presentations
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A moments' analysis of quasi-exactly solvable systems: a new perspective on the sextic potential gx6+bx4+mx2+(β/(x2))
by Handy, Carlos R; Vrinceanu, Daniel (Department of Physics, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX 77004 (United States)); Gupta, Rahul (Science Department, Lawrence E Elkins High School, Missouri City, TX 77459 (United States)), E-mail:
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