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Experience from the application of the dry filtered method for filtered containment venting to several plant designs
by Hartmann, Christoph; Bauer, Martin; Ulrich, Holger (Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH, Mannheim (Germany))
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Chapter 9: Experimental measurements of the diffusion area of neutrons in graphite
by Brown, G.; McCulloch, D.B. (A.E.E., Winfrith (United Kingdom))
fromBritish Industries Collaborative Exponential Programme, Vol. III: Fine structure experiments, miscellaneous exponential experiments
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Technical Insight of the High Level Safety Goal for the NPPs Built in China’S Thirteenth Five-Year Period (2016-2020)
8 MB -
by Shi, G.; Zhan, W.; Mei, Q.; Sun, D. (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, SNPTC Shanghai (China)), E-mail:
fromInternational Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Defence in Depth — Advances and Challenges for Nuclear Installation Safety. Proceedings of an International Conference held in Vienna, Austria, 21-24 October 2013
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Assessing the scenarios of nuclear generation development in Ukraine after 2030
by Vlasenko, N.I.; Godun, O.V.; Kir'yanchuk, V.N. (Obosoblennoe predpriyatie NTTs GP NAEhK 'Ehnergoatom', Kyiv (Ukraine))
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The experimental determination and evaluation of the spectral indices of the IPEN/MB-01 reactor for the IRPhE project
by Santos, Adimir dos; Fanaro, Leda C.C.B.; Jerez, Rogério, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:
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Laser-based Maintenance Technologies for Nuclear Reactors
2 MB - - Text Version
by Yoda, M.; Chida, I.; Tamura, M.; Sudo, K. (Toshiba Corporation (Japan))
from3. International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management (PLiM) for Long Term Operations (LTO). Keynotes, papers, presentations, posters
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MARS-KS assessment on B9802 SBLOCA test in RD-14M test facility
by Kim, J.; Kim, K.; Seul, K. (Korea Inst. of Nuclear Safety, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of))
fromInternational conference on Future of Heavy Water Reactors (HWR-FUTURE)
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Study of steam condensation on laminar fluid jets for WWER steam generator operation in condensation mode
21 MB -
by Morozov, A.V.; Remizov, O.V.; Kalyakin, D.S.; Chernukhina, Yu.V.; Supotnitskaya, O.V.; Soshkina, A.S. (FGUP GNTs RF - FEhI im. A.I. Lejpunskogo, Obninsk (Russian Federation))
fromXIII International conference NPP safety and personnel training. Collection of works
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Methodological aspects of reliability-centered maintenance of equipment at Ukrainian NPPs
by Skalozubov, V.I.; Komarov, Yu.A. (Institut Problem Bezopasnosti AEhS NANU, Kyiv(Ukraine)); Shendrik, N.N. (NAEhK 'Ehnergoatom', Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya AEhS, Kyiv (Ukraine))
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