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Three dimensional viscous flow simulation in a Mixed-Francis turbine
by Shirani, E.; Ashrafzadeh, M.; Saeedi, S. M. R.; Isfahan University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
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Environmental report 2003
4 MB - - Text Version
by Pillar, V. (Slovak Electric, joint stock company, 82736 Bratislava (Slovakia)); Slovak Electric, joint stock company, 82736 Bratislava (Slovakia)
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Proceedings of the Canadian Dam Association's 2005 annual conference : 100 years of dam experience : balancing tradition and innovation. CD-ROM ed.
by Canadian Dam Association, Edmonton, AB (Canada); Golder Associates Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada). Funding organisation: Alberta Environment, Edmonton, AB (Canada); TransAlta Utilities Corp., Calgary, AB (Canada); Suncor Energy, Calgary, AB (Canada); AMEC Earth and Environmental Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada); UMA-AECOM, Vancouver, BC (Canada); EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada); Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada); MPE Engineering Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada); Thurber Engineering Ltd., Vancouver, BC (Canada)
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Technical and economic qualities of hydropower in comparison with other forms of electricity production
by Schnyder, G.; Schnyder Ingenieure AG, Ottenbach (Switzerland). Funding organisation: Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Berne (Switzerland)
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The very precise LIDAR Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and its use in flood risk of categorised vulnerable items evaluation modelling in the river section Hricov - Nosice. Summarised information on the ANFAS Project processing (5th Frame Work Programme - IST RTD - of the EU)
8 MB -
by Petrovic, P.; Lukac, M. (Water Research Institute, 81249 Bratislava (Slovakia)); Hluchy, L.; Tran, V. (Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava (Slovakia)); Sramek, R. (GEODIS Slovakia Ltd., 84104 Bratislava (Slovakia)); Anon (Slovak Water Management Enterprise, B. O. of The Vah River Authority, Piestany (Slovakia))
fromSeminar Investigation of the effect of anthropogenic factors on water systems
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Birecik: a role model for private companies
by Holzmann, P. (Corporate Communications, Frankfurt am Main (Germany))
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Renewable sources in the Slovak Republic
1 MB - - Text Version
by Soltesova, K. (Slovenska energeticka agentura, Bratislava (Slovakia))
fromInternational Conference SES 2006. Secure Energy Supply
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