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Experimental cross section for the 152Sm(n, γ)153Sm reaction at 0.0334 eV
by Uddin, M. Shuza; Datta, Tapash Kumar; Hossain, Syed Mohammod; Zakaria, A.K.M.; Islam, Mohammad Amirul; Naher, Kamrun; Shariff, M. Asad; Yunus, S.M. (Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Dhaka (Bangladesh). Inst. of Nuclear Science and Technology); Afroze, Nasmin (Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Dhaka (Bangladesh). Inst. of Nuclear Science and Technology; Jahangirnagar Univ., Dhaka (Bangladesh). Dept. of Physics); Islam, S.M. Ajharul (Jahangirnagar Univ., Dhaka (Bangladesh). Dept. of Physics)
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Conceptual design report of hot cell modification and process for fission Mo-99 production
2 MB - - Text Version
by Park, Jin Ho; Choung, W. M.; Lee, K. I.; Hwang, D. S.; Kim, Y. K.; Park, K. B.; Jung, Y. J.; Kim, D. S.; Park, Y. C.; Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)
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Performance evaluation of multi-layer ionization chamber for the proton depth-dose measurement using therapeutic proton beam
by Tameshige, Yuji; Maeda, Yoshikazu; Sasaki, Makoto (Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Proton Therapy Center, Fukui (Japan)); Yamashita, Haruo; Kase, Yuki (Shizuoka Cancer Center Research Institute, Nagaizumi, Shizuoka (Japan)), E-mail:
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Virtual Gamma Ray Radiation Sources through Neutron Radiative Capture
by Scott Wilde, Raymond Keegan; National Security Technologies, LLC (United States). Funding organisation: USDOE - National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) (United States)
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The effect of the geometrical factor on the measurement of the gamma ray buildup factor
by Al-Ani, S.K.Y. (Department of Computer Science, College of Education for Women, University of Baghdad (Iraq)); Al-Ani, L.A. (College of Science, University of Al-Nahrain (Iraq))
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Dismantling the internal parts of research reactor DR 3 - A catalogue of radiation fields
by Hedemann Jensen, P.; Soegaard-Hansen, J.; Danish Decomissioning. Section of Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Roskilde (Denmark)
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Leakage investigation in an underground cooling water pipeline at a thermal power station using radiotracer technique
2 MB - - Text Version
by Khan, I.H.; Din, U.G.; Gul, S.; Farooq, M.; Qureshi, R.M.; Pakistan Inst. of Nuclear Science and Technology, Islamabad (Pakistan). Isotope Application Div
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Strategy for commercial application of Tc-99m generator produced by PZC technology
69 KB - - Text Version
by Machi, S. (Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Inc., Asia Cooperation Center, Tokyo (Japan))
fromProceedings of the FNCA 2002 workshop on the utilization of research reactors (Contract research)
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Performance of poly zirconium compound based 99Mo/99mTc generator
by Khongpetch, P.; Chingjit, S.; Dangprasert, M.; Rangsawai, W.; Virawat, N. (Office of Atoms for Peace, Bangkok (Thailand))
fromProceedings of the FNCA 2005 workshop on the utilization of research reactors (Contract research)
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