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Analysis of mechanisms induced by sliding and corrosion: dedicated apparatus for PWR environments
575 KB - - Text Version
by Vernot, JPh (Framatome ANP Technical Center, 1 rue B. Marcet, 71205 Le Creusot Cedex (France)); Societe de Chimie Industrielle (SCI), 28 Rue Saint Dominique, F-75007 Paris (France)
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Optical properties of gold nanoparticle embedded Er3+ doped lead–tellurite glasses
by Sazali, E.S.; Sahar, M.R.; Ghoshal, S.K.; Arifin, R.; Rohani, M.S.; Awang, A., E-mail:
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Generation of 85 fs laser pulses from a diode-pumped Kerr-lens mode-locking Yb:(Y0.9La0.1)2O3 ceramic laser
by Gao, Ziye; Zhu, Jiangfeng; Zhang, Lijuan; Wang, Junli (School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an 710071 (China)); Wang, Zhaohua; Wei, Zhiyi (Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190 (China)); Yang, Qiuhong (School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072 (China)), E-mail:, E-mail:
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The spontaneous orientation phase transition in terbium-yttrium ferrite - garnet
75 KB - - Text Version
by Dzhuraev, D.R.; Niyazov, L.N.; Saidov, K.S.; Sokolov, B.Yu.; Khaydarova, L. (AS RU, Bukhara regional research center, Bukhara State University, Bukhara (Uzbekistan))
fromProceedings of Republic conference (with participation of scientists from Commonwealth of Independent States countries) 'Modern problems of semiconductor physics', dedicated for twentieth anniversary of independence of Republic Uzbekistan
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Ion exchange and change of refractive index depending on condition of glass surface
by Livshist, V.Ya.; Fadeeva, I.I. (Leningrad Technological Institute of cellulose-paper production, Leningrad(Russian Federation))
fromX All-Union seminar 'Chemistry and technology of nonorganic sorbents' Proceedings
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The Rossendorf Beamline at ESRF (ROBL-CRG). Bi-annual report 2003/04
11 MB - - Text Version
by Scheinost, A.C.; Schell, N. (eds.); Forschungszentrum Rossendorf e.V. (FZR), Dresden (Germany)
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Texture development study during the primary recrystallization of ferritic steels by using X ray and electron backscattering diffraction
10 MB -
by Loew, Marjorie; Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)
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Ab initio study of V2CuAl as a new ternary Heusler alloy
by Wang, Fei (Institute of Power Source and Ecomaterials Science, Hebei University of Technology, 300130 Tianjin (China)); Feng, Lei; Zhang, Dongmei (Hebei United University Qian’an College, 064400 Hebei (China)); Tang, Qingguo; Liu, Haifeng (Institute of Power Source and Ecomaterials Science, Hebei University of Technology, 300130 Tianjin (China)), E-mail:
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Electrodeposited Ni-W magnetic thin films with columnar nanocrystallites
81 KB - - Text Version
by Sulitanu, N.; Brinza, F. (Department of Solid State Physics, Faculty of Physics, 'Al. I. Cuza' University, Iasi (Romania))
from12. International conference on thin films (ICTF 12). Book of Abstract
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Line broadening and crystallographic sites for Eu3+ in disordered double borate Ca3Gd2(BO3)4
by Seo, Hyo Jin, E-mail:
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