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Monitoring mercury in freshwater fish in the oil sands region of Northern Alberta : spatial and temporal comparisons to regional mercury concentrations in fish
by Keith, H. (Hatfield Consultants Ltd., West Vancouver, BC (Canada))
fromAbstracts of the 37. annual aquatic toxicity workshop : big cities, big challenges, great solutions : urbanization and environmental impacts
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Experimental sediment exchanges between natural and constructed wetlands on oil sands leases, near Fort McMurray, Alberta : a look at the relationship between sediment treatments and benthic macroinvertebrates colonizers
by Barr, L.; Ciborowski, J.J.H. (Windsor Univ., ON (Canada). Dept. of Biology); Cooper, N.; Foote, L. (Alberta Univ., Edmonton, AB (Canada). Dept. of Renewable Resources)
fromProceedings of the 30. annual aquatic toxicity workshop
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Floristic studies in the oil field areas, South-West Iran
by Alaie, E.; Ghahreman, A.; Mohajerani, B.; Tehran University, Faculty of Science, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Research Institute of Petroleum Ministry, Chemistry and Petrochemical Division, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
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Industrial complex Northeast Estonia: technical, economic and environmental aspects
by Veiderma, M. (Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tallinn (Estonia))
fromTurning a Problem Into a Resource: Remediation and Waste Management at the Sillamaee Site, Estonia
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Distillation curves under the influence of temperature and particle size of ellajjun oil shale. Paper no. IGEC-1-ID06
by Al-Ayed, O.S. (Al-Balqa' Applied Univ., Dept. of Industrial Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Amman (Jordan)), E-mail:
fromFirst international green energy conference (IGEC-2005). Proceedings
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Estimation of diffusion coefficients in bitumen solvent mixtures as derived from low field NMR spectra
by Wen, Y. (Univ. of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)); Bryan, J.; Kantzas, A. (Univ. of Calgary, Tomographic Imaging and Porous Medial Laboratory, Calgary, Alberta (Canada))
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Foam rheology in porous media and enhanced oil recovery potential
by Burley, R. (Heroit-Watt Univ., Dept. of Chemical and Process Engineering, Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom))
fromTenth Canadian Congress of applied mechanics : CANCAM'85. Proceedings
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Comparison of neutron capture spectra taken by a constellation Xe-110 detector and a 1'x1' NaI(Tl) crystal
by Austin, R.A.; Hooten, D. (Constellation Technology Corporation (United States))
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Crude oil growth impact on pipelines
by Devries, O. (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Calgary, AB (Canada))
fromPapers of the Canadian Institute's 3. annual conference : oil sands supply and infrastructure : labour supply, upgraders, transportation, pipelines
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