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Update of control system for auxiliary pumping and primary water cooling facilities in JT-60 NBI
by Kikuchi, Katsumi; Akino, Noboru; Ebisawa, Noboru; Ikeda, Yoshitaka; Takenouchi, Tadashi; Tanai, Yutaka (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Fusion Research and Development Directorate, Naka, Ibaraki (Japan)); Seki, Norikazu (Nippon Advanced Technology, Co., Ltd., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan)); Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan)
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Recent results relevant to ignition physics and machine design issues
152 KB - - Text Version
by Coppi, B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States); ENEA Direction, Rome (Italy)); Airoldi, A. (Istituto di Fisica del Plasma - CNR, Milano (Italy)); Bombarda, F. (Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione, Frascati (Italy)) (and others); Ignitor Project Group
fromFusion energy 1998. Proceedings. V. 1-4
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A poloidal non-uniformity of the collisionless parallel current in a tokamak plasma
995 KB - - Text Version
by Romannikov, A.; Fenzi-Bonizec, C.; Association Euratom-CEA Cadarache, 13 - Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France). Dept. de Recherches sur la Fusion Controlee
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Multi-scale approximation of Vlasov equation
4 MB - - Text Version
by Mouton, A.; Strasbourg-1 Univ., 67 (France)
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Technique investigation on large area neutron scintillation detector array
325 KB - - Text Version
by Chen Jiabin (China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang (China). Research Centre of Laser Fusion); Chinese Nuclear Information Centre, Beijing (China)
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Analysis program for magnetic field, inductance of air-core coils: COIL
2 MB - - Text Version
by Yoshida, Kiyoshi; Isono, Takaaki; Sugimoto, Makoto; Okuno, Kiyoshi (Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Naka, Ibaraki (Japan). Naka Fusion Research Establishment); Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Kashiwa, Chiba (Japan)
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Magneto-Hydrodynamic Activity and Energetic Particles - Application to Beta Alfven Eigenmodes
4 MB - - Text Version
by Nguyen, Ch.; Ecole Polytechnique, 91 - Palaiseau (France); Association Euratom-CEA Cadarache, IRFM, 13 - Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France)
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Potential fluctuation associated with energetic-particle induced geodesic acoustic mode in reversed magnetic shear plasmas on LHD
1 MB - - Text Version
by Ido, T.; Shimizu, A.; Nishiura, M. (National Inst. for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu (Japan)) (and others), E-mail:; National Inst. for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu (Japan)
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Predictions of Alpha Heating in ITER L-mode and H-mode Plasmas
by Budny, R.V.; Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ (United States). Funding organisation: USDOE Office of Science (United States)
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Investigation of pellet shape and cloud structure in the HL-1M tokamak
276 KB - - Text Version
by Zheng Yinjia; Feng Zhen; Li Bo; Li Li; Xiao Zhenggui
fromSouthwestern Institute of Physics annual report (2000)
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