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Searching for Orphan radiation sources
62 KB - - Text Version
by Bystrov, Evgenij; Antonau, Uladzimir; Gurinovich, Uladzimir; Kazhamiakin, Valery; Petrov, Vitaly; Shulhovich, Heorhi; Tischenko, Siarhei (ATOMTEX Scientific and Production Enterprise, Minsk (Belarus)), E-mail:; International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), Fontenay-aux-Roses (France); Sociedad Argentina de Radioproteccion (SAR), Buenos Aires (Argentina); International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (Austria); Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Washington, DC (United States); World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva (Switzerland)
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The future of emerging disease
137 KB - - Text Version
by Debell, R. M. (DeBell Associates, Inc., Gaithersburg (United States))
fromTechnical Program of The Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism
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Human Resources Development at the Libyan Nuclear Regulatory Office
by Bennur, M.A. (Nuclear Regulatory Office (Libya))
fromHuman Resource Development for Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes. Summary of an International Conference
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Actual problems of radiation monitoring in Belarus
5 MB -
by Germenchuk, M.G. (Departament gidrometeorologii Ministerstva prirodnykh resursov i okhrany okruzhayushchej sredy, Minsk (Belarus))
fromProceedings of the V. international symposium 'Actual problems of dosimetry'
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3D dose distribution measurements in brachytherapy using radiochromic gel dosimeters
by Solc, J. (Czech Metrology Institute-Inspectorate for Ionizing Radiation, Radiova 1, CZ 102 00 Prague 10 (Czech Republic)); Sochor, V.; Kacur, M.; Smoldasova, J. (Czech Metrology Institute-Inspectorate for Ionizing Radiation, Radiova 1, CZ 102 00 Prague 10 (Czech Republic)), E-mail:
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In Situ Gamma spectrometry of Middle Dalmatian Islands
753 KB - - Text Version
by Petrinec, B.; Franic, Z.; Bituh, T.; Sencar, J.; Marovic, G. (Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb (Croatia))
fromProceedings of 7th Symposium of the Croatian Radiation Protection Association
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Iodine-131 in breast milk following administration of 131I Meta-Iodobenzylguanidine
by Bibbo, G.; Munn, C.; Cain, T. (Women's and Children's Hospital, North Adelaide, SA (Australia). Nuclear Medicine Unit, Division of Medical Imaging)
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Dosimetric verification of open asymmetric photon fields calculated with a treatment planning system based on dose-to-energy-fluence concepts
by Hurkmans, C.; Knoeoes, T.; Nilsson, P. (Department of Radiation Physics, University Hospital in Lund, S-22185 Lund (Sweden))
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Development of neonate phantom for estimating medical exposure
by Akahane, K.; Kai, M.; Kusama, T. (Oita Univ. of Nursing and Health Sciences, Oita (Japan)); Mitarai, T.; Ono, K.; Hada, M.; Ninomiya, H.; Kato, Y. (Oita Prefectural Hospital, Oita (Japan))
fromIRPA-10. Proceedings of the 10th international congress of the International Radiation Protection Association on harmonization of radiation, human life and the ecosystem
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