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Development and characteristics of silicon photoelectric modules with vertical p-n structures
135 KB - - Text Version
by Aliev, R. (Andijan State University, Andijan (Uzbekistan))
fromProceedings of international conference dedicated to the seventieth anniversary of Physical-technical institute, SPA 'Physics-Sun' 'Fundamental and applied problems of physics'
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A numerical approach for size optimization and performance prediction of solar P V-hybrid power systems
by Zahedi, A.; Calia, N.; Monash University, Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Victoria (Australia)
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A study of the feasibility of using standards of performance funding to support investment in active solar heating systems
by Department of Trade and Industry, London (United Kingdom); Energy Technology Support Unit, Harwell (United Kingdom). Funding organisation: Sustainable Energy Limited (United Kingdom)
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Solar absorbers using 1D and 2D periodic nanostructured nickel films
by Ahmad, N; Stokes, J; Cryan, M J (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Bristol (United Kingdom)), E-mail:
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Trends in photovoltaic applications. Survey report of selected IEA countries between 1992 and 2002
725 KB - - Text Version
by Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS), St. Ursen (Switzerland). Funding organisation: IEA International Energy Agency, Paris (France)
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The Growth of InGaAsN for High Efficiency Solar Cells by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
by ALLERMAN, ANDREW A.; BANKS, JAMES C.; GEE, JAMES M.; JONES, ERIC D.; KURTZ, STEVEN R.; Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Sandia National Labs., Livermore, CA (United States). Funding organisation: US Department of Energy (United States)
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Clustering monthly average global insolation for the determination of solar thermal power plants potential sites
by Omar H Al-Sakaf (Sana'a University, Sana'a (Yemen). Dept of Electrical Engineering)
fromProceedings of World Renewable Energy Congress '99
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Absence of Mn-centered oxidation in the S2 to S3 transition: Implications for the mechanism of photosynthetic water oxidation
by Messinger, Johannes; Robblee, John H.; Bergmann, Uwe; Fernandez, Carmen; Glatzel, Pieter; Visser, Hendrik; Cinco, Roehl M.; McFarlane, Karen L.; Bellacchio, Emanuele; Pizarro, Shelly A.; Cramer, Stephen P.; Sauer, Kenneth; Klein, Melvin P.; Yachandra, Vittal K.; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., CA (United States). Funding organisation: USDOE Director, Office of Science. Office of Basic Energy Studies. Division of Energy Biosciences (United States); National Institutes of Health (United States)
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Cost-effective and reliable design of a solar thermal power plant
by Aliabadi, A.A. (Univ. of British Columbia, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)); Wallace, J.S. (Univ. of Toronto, Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Toronto, Ontario (Canada))
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Recent research progress of dye-sensitized solar cells in Japan
by Shozo, Yanagida (Osaka Univ., Center for Advanced Science and Innovation (Japan))
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