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Activities of the central authorities in 1990-1991 on the Chernobyl accident response and social defence of it's victims. Long-term programs on the Chernobyl accident response
by Voznyak, V.Ya.; Kas'yanov, E.E.; Kachalov, V.A.
fromChernobyl. Five hard years. The collection of materials on the liquidation works after the accident on the Chernobyl NPP during 1986-1990
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Base of health rehabilitation conception and system as a process of health control of Chernobyl NPP personnel and Slavutich town inhabitants which suffered from Chernobyl accident
4 MB -
by Zotov, V.P.; Antomonov, Yu.G.; Kotova, A.B.; Belov, V.M. (AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine). Inst. Kibernetiki; Ukrayins'ka Naukovo-Virobnicha Fyirma '' Meditsina-Ehkologyiya '', Kiev (Ukraine))
fromHealth rehabilitation-94
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The prediction of the average radionuclide's concentrations in the Chernobyl's NPP cooling pond
by Kononovich, A.L.; Oskolkov, B.Ya.; Kulikov, L.E.; Nosovskij, A.V.; Korotkov, V.T.
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Model testing using Chernobyl data: II. Assessment of the consequences of the radioactive contamination of the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant cooling pond
by Kryshev, I.I.; Sazykina, T.G. (Inst. of Experimental Meteorology, Obninsk (Russian Federation)); Ryabov, I.N. (Inst. of Evolution, Morphology and Ecology of Animals, Moscow (Russian Federation)); Chumak, V.K.; Zarubin, O.L. (Inst. of Nuclear Research, Kiev (Ukraine))
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Chernobyl accident
by Bar'yakhtar, V.G. (ed.); Akademyiya Nauk Ukrayini, Kiev (Ukraine); Ministerstvo Ukrainy po Delam Zashchity Naseleniya ot Posledstvij Avarii na Chernobyl'skoj AEhS, Kiev (Ukraine); Ministerstvo Zdravookhraneniya Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine); International Scientific Culture Center, Kiev (Ukraine). World Lab
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Environmental radionuclide distribution in Georgia after the Chernobyl accident
by Mosulishvili, L.M.; Shoniya, N.I.; Katamadze, N.M. (Institute of Physics, Tbilisi, Georgia (Russian Federation)) (and others)
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